2022 Abu Dabhi Grand Prix Qualifying Data Analysis

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1️⃣ Sainz gains lap time over the Verstappen by braking later into the corners but Verstappen gets better exits out of the corners and claws back lap time.

2️⃣ At the end of the lap Sainz probably has overheated his tires and looses significant chunks of lap time to Verstappen.

3️⃣ Top Speed wise Ferrari are competitive to Redbull.

Note: There was a slight problem with Leclerc’s data for qualifying hence have used Sainz’s data.


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1️⃣ Verstappen was quick on the straights but Hamilton clawed back all the advantage by braking later at the entry of every low-speed corner until he reached T12 where he braked super late and got out of shape.

2️⃣ He then had a moment at the exit of T14 that hurt him through the entire traction section until the end of the lap, resulting in a large gap.

3️⃣ Probably the MER’c cooked their soft tires by the time it reached the twisty n tricky Sec 3.

4️⃣ Mercedes have a top speed deficit compared to the redbulls.

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