2022 Abu Dabhi Grand Prix Race Data Analysis

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Top-3 Team’s Average Race Pace

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1️⃣ Verstappen was the fastest car on track today.

2️⃣ Leclerc and Perez had similar average race paces but slower than Verstappen

3️⃣ Sainz and Russell had similar average race paces but slower than Verstappen, Perez, and Leclerc

Lap By Lap Race Pace Top-3 Teams

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1️⃣ The Mercedes of Hamilton on stint-1 overcooked their tires in the first few and suffered damage from the lap 1 incident hence having a poor stint

2️⃣ The Mercedes has huge top speed deficit compared to Ferrari and Redbull this weekend

3️⃣ Ther Ferraris were good with the tires today, this is because Ferrari focused heavily on long runs in FP-2

4️⃣ Perez’s tires suffered high wear at the end of the race causing him to lose pace and not catch Leclerc.

Pace on Hard Tyre

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Pace on Medium Tyre

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Pace of the midfield alt text

Lap by Lap Pace Of The Midfield

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Race Strategy alt text

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