2023 Saud Arabia Grand Prix FP-2 Data Analysis

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The high-speed Jeddha race track with its unique track characteristics under the lights promised to paint a different picture from Bahrain, but did it really? Let us dive into the data to find out more.

Jeddah has some unique characteristics as compared to Bahrain. While Bahrain is a more traction-dominated and hence a ‘rear tyre limited’ racetrack, Jeddah is the complete opposite. Jeddah mostly features high-speed corners with an avg speed of 254 km/hr which makes it a ‘front tyre limited’ racetrack as the drivers steer through the high-speed corners resulting in a lot of energy through the front tyres. Also, the track Evolution during Qualifying is high, so the last person to set the lap like Perez the previous year might have a slight edge if the fight is down to the last tenth.

Overtake-wise, we have been spoilt with the first two races in 2021 and 2022, both have been super entertaining. T1, T13 and T27 offer the best opportunities. Below is a speed trap of the track.

alt text

Quali Simulations

The only real contenders for the pole were Aston Martins, with Ferrari deciding to turn down their engines and sandbag. Below is a Hot Lap Analysis from FP2 Data of VER vs ALO followed by their mini sector timings. alt text

alt text

  1. VER gains over ALO over all the straights due to the difference in setup philosophy

  2. VER has more lap time to be found through T 15 as he has a lift-off compared to ALO

  3. ALO made a mistake at T22 which hurt him all the way to T27 compromising his

sector 3 time

  1. If Redbull is not hiding anything, then there might be a battle for Pole, but the

Redbull would breeze past the Aston in the Race with DRS

Race Pace Simulations

alt text

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