2023 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix Race Data Analysis

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Pace On The Hard Tyres

Laptimes on Hard Tyre alt text Pace on Hard Tyre alt text

  1. Red Bull was in a league of their own in the hard tyre stint.

  2. Aston and Mercedes are similarly matched pace-wise.

  3. Ferrari and Alpine have similar paces but are still slower than the top 3.

  4. Red Bull had the least tyre wear on the hards(and both drivers were pushing), Rest of the teams had similar wear but higher wear than Red Bull on the hards.

Pace On The Medium Tyres

Laptimes Medium Tyre alt text

Medium Tyre Pace alt text

  1. Perez was the fastest car on the Medium tyre, Aston was a few tenths slower than RedBull, and Mercedes and Ferrari have a significant pace gap to RedBull on the mediums, Both alpines were the 5th fastest cars and had equal pace.

  2. Ferrari had the highest degradation on the Mediums, Mercedes, RedBull and Aston all have similar degradation on the Mediums.

  3. The Laptimes of Ferrari are highly inconsistent, which points out high degradation.

Overall Race Pace

alt text Pecking Order (based on race pace and tyre wear)

  1. RedBull

  2. Aston Martin

  3. Mercedes

  4. Ferrari

  5. Alpine

Flattened Race Pace

alt text


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