2023 Bahrain Pre Season Testing Analysis

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Scatter Laptimes

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Average Long Run Pace

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Pecking Order


  • The RB-19 is the evolution of the RB-18 and is one of the most refined car in the grid.
  • The team which by far has the best long-run pace, with the least tyre wear, RedBull have the edge over other teams in the grid.


  • The SF-23 is also an evolution of the 2022 F1-75.
  • The SF-23 has an excellent single-lap pace but appears to struggle with tyre wear in the long run, which was the issue that hampered the F1-75 last year.
  • Ferrari seems a bit off in terms of their pace in medium tyres but is slightly consistent but suffers degradation. Ferraris have the highest top speed since they are on a lower drag setup than the conventional setup. 3)Aston Martin:
  • AMR-23 has surprised the grid this year, Aston Martin is the only team that has made a significant improvement in car performance from last year.
  • The AMR 23 has a good and consistent long-run pace with low tyre wear. They are the third-fastest team on the grid and may even challenge Ferrari in the coming race.
  • Aston Martin is bringing some upgrades to the first race, This may even push them further to challenge the Ferraris .


  • The W-14 is also an evolution of the W-13, W-14 has nullified the weaknesses of the W-13, But the car is still suffering from balance issues.
  • The W-14 has inconsistent lap times as seen in the scatter plot and increased tyre wear.
  • Mercedes seem to start strong but worsen eventually as they also suffer degradation, the team are behind the top 3 as of now.


  • Look to have been sandbagging in the Preseason test. Alpine is bringing upgrades to the first race of the year and the team are confident they will be the leading midfield team.

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Top Speed

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