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Carlos Reutemann: The Man Who Conquered F1 and Politics with Equal Grace

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Mohammad Adnan

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Carlos Reutemann AKA “LOLE” was a talented Formula One (F1) driver from Argentina who is often overlooked when discussing the greatest F1 drivers of all time. Despite his success on the track, Reutemann’s reserved personality and political career overshadowed his achievements in the sport. Born on April 12, 1942, in Santa Fe, Argentina, Reutemann began his racing career in the late 1960s and made his F1 debut in 1972 with the Brabham team. He won his first race in 1974 at the South African Grand Prix and finished fourth in the championship that year. He then moved to the Ferrari team in 1976 and finished third in the championship, winning two races that season.

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In 1980, Reutemann joined the Williams team and had his best season in F1, finishing second in the championship to his teammate, Alan Jones. He won two races that year and achieved six podium finishes. Reutemann continued to race in F1 until 1982, achieving 12 wins and 45 podium finishes during his career.

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Alan Jones (right) celebrates his win at the 1981 US Grand Prix in Long Beach, ahead of teammate Carlos Reutemann.

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After retiring from racing, Reutemann became involved in politics and was elected as governor of Santa Fe province in 1991. He was later elected as a senator and served in the Argentine Senate from 2003 until his death in 2021. Despite his impressive record in F1, Reutemann is often forgotten when discussing the greatest drivers of all time. However, his calm and consistent driving style earned him the nickname “Lole” and made him a respected competitor on the track. His legacy in Argentine politics also demonstrates his leadership skills and commitment to public service.

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