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The Coanda Effect

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Tell an f1 aerodynamicist he “can’t” and he’ll show you how to !!. Here’s an interesting tale.

In 2012 , the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile decided to limit the blowing of exhaust gases into the floor through a regulation that enforced teams to incline their exhaust pipes by at least 10 deg upwards.

FIA : If the gases exhaust upwards how can they possible make it into the floor ? 😏 Aero’s : Ahhhhh , “Coanda Effect” 😋

(** NERD PART BEGINS**) The Aero’s were able to direct the exhaust gases right at the rear tyre contact patch which suppresses the tyre squirt that usually makes it into the diffuser and this high energy air would then naturally find its way behind the rear tyre which would further increase the lateral expansion of the diffuser , thus increasing performance. ( That sexy rear end we all want 😉 )

Airbenders Indeed !!

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