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The highly anticipated Australian Grand Prix is back after two thrilling races in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The F1 circus has arrived in Melbourne, Australia, for what promises to be another exciting race weekend. Is there an inter-team rivalry starting within Red Bull? Who will pick up the last spot on the podium? Let’s dive into our F1 Friday edition to know more.

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Albert Part F1 Circuit, Melbourne

The Australian Grand Prix is more than just a race. It’s an experience that combines the thrill of motorsport with the vibrant and diverse culture of Melbourne. From the bustling city streets to the beautiful beaches, there’s something for everyone in this amazing city.

As the season’s first race on a street circuit, the Albert Park circuit presents a unique challenge for the drivers. With only 6 taps on the brakes and high-speed challenging corners, the circuit promises to deliver plenty of wheel-to-wheel action and exciting overtaking opportunities, especially with 4 DRS zones confirmed this year.

This year, the teams will have the C2, C3, and C4 at their disposal, unlike last year where we had C2, C3 and C5. This means that the teams have more options for the race in terms of strategy: on paper at least. A high degree of track evolution is expected throughout the weekend, as is normally the case in Melbourne, while the energy demands on the tyres are about average for the season.

It’s a flowing track with corners that are faster following last year’s modifications, which benefit overtaking as well as the overall spectacle. The Albert Park street circuit was resurfaced in 2022 with some metallic elements included in the aggregate, improving the grip from the tyres. The asphalt is smoother than other tracks on the championship, with peak grip only achieved after several sessions of on-track running.

Image credit @pirelli

Image credit @pirelli

The 2022 Australian Grand Prix:

Charles Leclerc and Ferrari consolidated their championship leads with a win at the 2022 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, while Max Verstappen suffered a second retirement in three races. Leclerc kept Verstappen at bay through two Safety Cars, and the threat dissolved when Verstappen’s engine caught fire on Lap 39. Sergio Perez finished second for Red Bull, and George Russell completed the podium for Mercedes. The race was hosted at Albert Park, Melbourne, after a 1,100-day break, and the capacity crowd was treated to a thrilling show on Sunday afternoon.

Leclerc was named Driver of the Day for his outstanding performance, and he secured the win with the fastest lap. Russell took third place after pitting during the caution for Sebastian Vettel’s crash, while Lewis Hamilton finished in fourth place, missing out on another podium by two seconds. McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo finished fifth and sixth respectively, followed by Esteban Ocon in seventh place. Pierre Gasly lost a place due to a penultimate corner lock-up, dropping from eighth to ninth, and Valtteri Bottas gained a place to take eighth place after starting 12th. Alex Albon claimed the final point, giving Williams their first point of the 2022 season.

Weather on the Track:

The Australian Grand Prix could be spiced up with a sprinkle of rain forecasted for Melbourne this weekend. Although rain is not common in Australia, the CEO of the grand prix predicts it could make for an interesting race. The BBC forecasts rain during qualifying, but it should ease up on race day.


Conditions: Dry and cloudy conditions at first with an increasing chance of rain in the afternoon. FP1: 17°C // FP2: 18°C.

Max/ Min temperature expected: 19/12 Celsius | Chance of rain: 60%


Conditions: Variable weather conditions throughout the day with sunny spells transitioning to showers in the morning. However, it is expected to improve in the afternoon. FP3: 14°C // Q: 15°C.

Max/Min temperature expected: 15/11 Celsius | Chance of rain: 40%


Conditions: Likely dry and cloudy during the race, although light southerly wind is expected throughout the day.

Max / Min temperature expected: 19/10 Celsius | Chance of rain: <20%

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